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POSTS BY TAG | Secure Text Messaging

While pMD continues to lead the health care industry with our mobile charge capture product, we also offer a standalone secure text messaging app. Due to the nature of our charge capture product, the implementation process can be very complex and can take several weeks to go live. Implementing our secure messaging software is more straightforward, but that doesn’t mean we don’t give the same attention and effort to implement these customers as we would a charge capture customer.

Our secure messaging app is very similar to regular text messaging, but it is completely secure in order to protect patient information. Training users on secure messaging can take as little as five minutes, so implementing new messaging customers can be done without an on-site visit from pMD. So where does our “unparalleled customer service” come to play? Recently, pMD implemented a secure messaging customer of approximately 100 providers in Denver. To ensure full adoption and provide support for such a large group, a small team of pMD’ers set out for a two day on-site visit.

My colleague, Tracy, and I set out early Monday morning and visited every office throughout the Denver area to work with providers to download the pMD messaging app onto their phones. The most common reaction we received from providers was, “You came all the way out here for us?!” To which we gladly said, “Of course!”. Our new customers were excited to be using a texting program that was secure and HIPAA-compliant, and one that would integrate with their paging system that was already in place. A few providers at the first office we met with even noted that they would help make sure everyone in their group had downloaded pMD because it was such a simple and straightforward setup. After being on-site for less than 48 hours, we were able to meet with the COO and the majority of 100 providers.

This is great testament to the people of pMD and our commitment to unparalleled customer service. We treat each customer with the same passion and customer service regardless of the size of the customer or the product they’re using.