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When the pandemic hit this year, my team struggled to become telemedicine software experts. We still struggle with this.” 

I thought downloading a trial version was great. But after hours of attempting to figure it out on my own, I still don’t have a system that meets my needs.”  

We liked the product, but we had to hire employees just to help support it.

All too often, medical technology companies offer software separately from supportive services, like product customization, best practice implementation, systems integration, and product support. This is because unlinking services from a product into discrete offerings makes it easier for that company to account for internal costs. But what’s easier for the vendor adds complexity for the customer to an already complex decision-making process.  

This is the strategy of a vendor. If you look at an invoice or pricing proposal today and see unbundled products and services, that means you’ve likely hired a vendor. And in practical terms, it means that when you have a new problem to solve, you’re either on your own or you’re likely going to pay more money. In financially stressed times like these, you simply can’t afford to invest another cent with a vendor.   

Partnerships are about value creation

Good partners, as opposed to vendors, understand that a successful relationship requires that a combination of services be delivered from a team of experts in order to maximize the value created. pMD's products are backed by some of the highest quality services in the industry. But you won’t see a separate quote for those.  

“pMD acts as an extension of each practice from day one. I’ve seen firsthand their effort to understand the needs of each practice stakeholder and identify workflow improvements down to the individual user level. Each time the result is the same; a finely-tuned set of pMD solutions optimized to deliver value for that team,” says Ibrahim Ali, Associate Director of Product Management for McKesson, The US Oncology Network. 

Since pMD’s corporate strategy is not driven by short-term investors looking to maximize profitability and make a quick exit, pMD prefers to invest in helping to solve your complex issues without a new contract wherever possible. We know that a sustainable partnership is based on mutual successes. Mr. Ali went on to add, “pMD’s investment in understanding our practices and their goals has built our trust in this partnership over the past several years. Leveraging this relationship will be key as we navigate the future of community oncology care together.”  

pMD releases of HIPAA-compliant secure messaging, telehealth, and automated patient appointment reminders to the existing pMD® Charge Capture™ platform at no additional cost were huge value additions for care teams. Customers received those new features paired with experienced pMD workflow experts to deliver the most value possible. No new contracts discussed. No new money requested. These are just a few examples of value-added feature additions that pMD partners have enjoyed over the past years.  

Good partners invest to understand industry trends from industry experts

“Partnerships, like the one between pMD and MedAxiom, are critical to advancing innovation and best practices in the cardiovascular industry,” said Joe Sasson, Executive Vice President at MedAxiom, an American College of Cardiology company.

Anticipating the future needs of specialists, patients, or the industry as a whole is crucial given the development and testing of a new feature can take months. Thus consistently investing in strategic industry partnerships means when a need strikes that industry, a partner like pMD is there waiting with a tested solution. This was very much the case in 2019 when pMD built secure video for telemedicine and added it to our platform for free, months before the industry urgently needed it in 2020.

Mr. Sasson went on to say, “Advancing health care takes place through these types of partnerships, and they are essential to our philosophy of creating bi-directional education between industry and CV programs as a means of creating value through innovation.”

The cost of not partnering with pMD is simply too high

In today’s environment, where every team is tasked with doing more with less, you can’t afford to waste resources on a poorly performing vendor relationship. Fire your vendors. And then click here to discover more about all of the value that a pMD partnership delivers.

To find out more about pMD's suite of products, which includes our charge capture and MIPS registrysecure messagingclinical communication, and care navigation software and services, please contact pMD.

As I spend my 3rd week?  4th week? at home, I’m thinking of simplicity. With so much else stripped away, what else is left? In this state, I’m reminded of a recent conversation with a customer where she shared a familiar story about vendor disappointment.

This group had a message-routing and answering service application for her practice that everyone used.  Recently, it had been sold, yet again, and was plagued by price increases, staff turnover, and lack of internal investment and strategic direction. So, she talked to us about what we could offer to replace the system.

The Transactional Vendor

I was curious as to the vendor disease, this kind of zombification of what had once caused her to invest in this company's solution. She relayed a narrative of an organization bought and sold, with subsequent owners having to juice the financial return each time the company changed hands. These transactional vendor solutions become like playing cards that fade, edges curling, and the stains of the portfolio owner’s whiskey glasses slowly coloring the surface.  By the third transaction, the company has had its price increased several times and has cut staff and investment to generate a bottom line to cover the ever-higher sales price.  No service can sustain such stress.

How pMD is a Different Type of Vendor

We talked about how pMD is different.  We aren’t owned by a financial company looking to generate a high sales multiple.  Nor are we indebted to investors looking to exit.  We have the luxury of simply trying to provide the best software we can, delivered through the best experience, with the best people we can find.  

I was once a CEO of a medical practice.  Every vendor wanted to upsell me.  Every vendor charged for every transaction, no matter how minor. My initial investment in their solution generated ever greater demands and inflated my costs.  Then, when I was looking to get rid of the paper card system we used to collect charges, I found pMD.

Providing Simple Solutions & Building Forever Customers

Talk about simple.  After charge capture, they came to me about adding secure messaging.  I braced for what they wanted to charge me. “Included in your current subscription.” What?  No one does that. They wanted me to be their forever customer. Then I joined the pMD team.

Telemedicine & Appointment Reminders Added: 4 Solutions, 1 Vendor

In 2019, we added two additional features, appointment reminders and telemedicine capabilities, to what charge capture customers already pay for. Combined with pMD® Secure Messaging™ and pMD® Charge Capture™, that’s four solutions in one vendor for which most practices pay four different vendors.  When you add on that we don’t charge for interfaces (another source of high profits for the average vendor), well, that’s starting to sound pretty simple.  

An Expert Team & Quality Platform Delivering Exceptional Value

We know COVID-19 has placed extreme stress on everyone. We're here to make things simple for you. If you would like to work with a company like us to seamlessly provide customized charge capture, secure communications, telehealth, and/or appointment solutions, we'd love to hear from you. We’re looking forward to building this lasting relationship and delivering value like you’ve never experienced through our expert team and quality platform.

To find out more about pMD's suite of products, which includes our charge capture and MIPS registrysecure messagingclinical communication, and care navigation software and services, please contact pMD.