"I like that you can do it all on the phone. I've never seen this possibility before and I find it really handy! It's also nice that I don't have to look up exact codes! pMD makes things easier and I'm happy it exists!"
Dr. Ann Szymanski, All Children's Hospital, Florida
The Evolution of Mobile Phones & Texting
SMS text messaging is the most modern form of communication, having evolved rapidly over the last 20 years into the short form of choice. One of the few things that doctors have in common with teenagers is their love of text messaging. People love it in part because you only need a cell phone number in order to send someone a text message. You don't have to know or care if the person has an iPhone, an Android phone, or even just a regular cell phone - they will almost certainly receive your text.

The openness of SMS text messages is also a downside for health care providers, businesses, and those who value their privacy. In just a few years, secure alternatives have come a long way towards bridging the gap from "secure email' to truly real-time and mobile "secure messaging." The barrier has always been matching the unparalleled ease of use and ease of getting started that smartphone manufacturers have been able to create. With pMD Messaging, that future is about to arrive.

About pMD
pMD’s mobile charge capture software supports doctors across multiple specialties by allowing them to enter their patient charges into Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini devices at the point of patient care. The patient visit is then visible to other doctors within the practice and can be billed immediately. Doctors using charge capture are increasing their ROI in a time where Medicare cuts, ICD-10, PQRS, and other costs are significantly impacting profitability. pMD increases efficiency and security in a practice through automation and secure text messaging, and it provides free interfaces with most major electronic medical records, hospital information, and medical billing systems, including Allscripts Pro PM, Allscripts Tiger, athenaCollector by athenahealth, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, GE Centricity (formerly Millbrook and IDX), MEDITECH, MobileMD, NextGen, and Vitera Intergy (Sage). For more information, contact pMD.
December 4, 2014