"pMD has really been going great since we implemented last September. pMD has really helped with the overall organization of seeing patients and documenting our visits."
Brittney Richard, Nurse Practitioner, Willowbrook Cardiovascular Associates, Texas
Hub Strategy Transforms pMD’s Overall Look and Website
Hub Strategy, the San Francisco-based integrated creative agency, has launched a new overall look and website for pMD, marking a significant departure from the typically conservative style of medical business-to-business communications. pMD makes software for doctors. They let them use their mobile devices to quickly capture charges, access information and communicate securely, vastly increasing efficiency. That means that doctors can spend more time being a doctor, and less time acting like an accountant with a really expensive medical degree.

To create the new look, Hub began by revamping the company logo and app icon, using a hint of illustration. Moving away from the typical staid and serious style of communication in the medical industry, Hub also worked with illustrators in Lucca, Italy, carefully chosen for their beautifully intricate cut-paper illustrations for pMD's website. The new website features a handsome doctor whose body serves as an interactive anatomy chart of pMD's services and features. He is outfitted for the medical world and filled with smart, fun and clever statistics - another departure from the language and style used by most in the industry.

When it came time to write the copy, Hub heavily leaned on the use of testimonials, giving pMD an extra level of credibility and utilizing the testimonials in a fresh way.

Hub also brought a sense of humor to the site through copy. For example, there is a scale that rates the fun doctors will have using pMD. At the bottom of the scale are things like 'putting your shoes on' and 'having adult chicken pox.' At the highest end of the scale are things like 'riding a winged unicorn' and, of course, 'working with pMD.'

"Doctors are smart and we knew they would appreciate a balance of clarity and detail with some attention to fun," said DJ O'Neil, Founder and Creative Director of Hub. "In the end, this incredibly collaborative process has led us to a finished site that's not quite like anything we've seen in the medical field."
August 15, 2012