"pMD makes managing my patient census easy. Searching for and adding a patient to my list is quick. Deleting discharged patients from the list is even quicker."
Dr. John Mix, Navicent Health, Georgia
pMD Mobile Charge Capture Now Compatible With iPad Mini
pMD's mobile charge capture software supports physicians by allowing them to enter their patient charges at the point of care into Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and now the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini is quickly gaining popularity with doctors for its ease of use and small size. Eureka! It fits perfectly in a doctor’s coat pocket, which typically measures 8.5 inches long and 7.5 inches wide. The iPad Mini measures in just at 7.87 inches long and 5.3 inches wide, making it the perfect device to bring along when rounding.

Another benefit of the iPad Mini’s compact size is that it can be held comfortably in one hand. This frees up the other hand to work the touchscreen of the iPad Mini during rounds, creating less of a balancing act for doctors. It also has more screen real estate than smartphones, so it is easier to read when on-the-go. According to a 2012 Manhattan Research study, half of doctors who own a tablet have used it at the point of care, with the iPad being the dominant platform.

The iPad and the iPad Mini are "companion" devices to a smartphone with pMD’s mobile charge capture software, meaning all three devices sync simultaneously. One of the many features that makes pMD stand out from other medical billing software is the fact that all of the compatible devices sync wirelessly. Doctors never have to plug their devices into a computer to sync, and if a doctor happens not to have a data connection, the sync will still happen automatically when service is available again.

Here is an example of how a pMD doctor utilizes these multiple platforms together:
Dr. Mustachio is the on-call weekend doctor at The Land of Mustachio Hospital. He utilizes pMD on his iPad Mini during rounds because it is light and conveniently fits in his lab coat pocket. He inputs data easily with one hand and holds the iPad Mini with his other hand, all while standing next to his patient’s hospital bed. The screen is bigger than his iPhone so he can read it with ease. On break in the cafeteria he checks the notes on his smartphone. Once his rounds are over he can easily fit the iPad Mini in his bag as he heads home. While he relaxes on the couch that evening, he looks over charts and makes notes for his office staff on his regular iPad. All three of these devices can be used interchangeably and sync his pMD data wirelessly and automatically.

Doctors using charge capture at point of care are increasing their practice revenues, and the pMD + iPad Mini compatibility is now another weapon in their arsenal.

About pMD
pMD’s mobile charge capture software supports doctors across multiple specialties by allowing them to enter their patient charges into Android, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch devices at the point of patient care. The patient visit is then visible to other doctors within the practice and can be billed immediately. Doctors using charge capture are increasing their ROI in a time where Medicare cuts, ICD-10, PQRS, and other costs are significantly impacting profitability. pMD increases efficiency and security in a practice through automation and secure text messaging, and it provides free interfaces with most major electronic medical records, hospital information, and medical billing systems, including Allscripts Pro PM, Allscripts Tiger, athenaCollector by athenahealth, Cerner, Epic, GE Centricity (formerly Millbrook and IDX), MEDITECH, NextGen, and Vitera Intergy (Sage). For more information, contact pMD.
June 15, 2013