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pMD’s Patient Status Verification Accelerates Reimbursement
San Francisco, CA - September 24, 2014 - pMD, the leading innovator in mobile charge capture and physician communication, has developed functionality to enhance the billing accuracy for a patient’s status during charge entry. The new feature makes the billing process for hospital patients faster, more accurate, and straightforward for health care providers and billing staff.

pMD, whose mobile charge capture app allows physicians to enter their medical billing charges into their smartphones and send text messages securely, compares the patient’s status at the time of care with the charge code selected during charge entry. A patient’s status, or the classification for the environment a patient receives care in, is important for defining what services a patient requires during a visit and what billing charge to submit.

“Our new functionality that verifies a patient’s status is assisting providers in submitting accurate charges more confidently,” pMD CEO Philippe d'Offay said. “A patient’s status is highly variable, making it a challenge for providers to always select the correct code. We are optimizing charge submission and accelerating reimbursement for hospital billing.”

pMD verifies the status of the patient as the provider is entering the charge, and it ensures that the E&M code is compatible. For example, if a patient is admitted to the hospital under an observation status and is then moved to an inpatient status, each visit has to be billed using an appropriate code for each status. If a provider selects an observation charge for a visit while the patient status is an inpatient, pMD will catch the coding error and automatically prompt the provider to select an inpatient code in its place.

Submitting a claim that does not match the patient’s status significantly affects reimbursement and costs a medical organization valuable time to retroactively correct the error. pMD’s new feature was driven by customer requests for a way to notify providers of patient status and better assist them during the charge capture process.

“Since pMD’s patient status verification has been put in place for our practice, we have noticed fewer errors on the provider side,” said Jennifer Isaza, Practice Revenue Manager at Huntington Hospital in New York. “Our providers are not professional coders and sometimes forget to update the billing code for the patient’s status. pMD allows us to ensure the patient’s status and E&M code match, avoiding back-end edits and bringing in revenue more quickly.”

About pMD
pMD’s mobile charge capture software supports doctors across multiple specialties by allowing them to enter their patient charges into Android, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch devices at the point of patient care. The patient visit is then visible to other doctors within the practice and can be billed immediately. Doctors using charge capture are increasing their ROI in a time where Medicare cuts, ICD-10, PQRS, and other costs are significantly impacting profitability. pMD increases efficiency and security in a practice through automation and secure text messaging, and it provides free interfaces with most major electronic medical records, hospital information, and medical billing systems, including Allscripts Pro PM, Allscripts Tiger, athenaCollector by athenahealth, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, GE Centricity (formerly Millbrook and IDX), MEDITECH, MobileMD, NextGen, and Vitera Intergy (Sage). For more information, contact pMD.
September 24, 2014