"OMG! The pMD app is super straightforward and so easy to use! The whole time I’m thinking, 'this is crazy, pMD is so cool and easy.' I’m super pumped that I don’t have to do paper billing because paper is such a pain!"
Marie Giustino, Nurse Practitioner, Boston Children's Health Physicians, New York
pMD Adds Mobile Appointment Calendar to iPhone Charge Capture Software
pMD today announced the addition of an outpatient appointment calendar and call schedule to its popular iPhone charge capture software, fully matching the features of pMD for BlackBerry. pMD lowers the cost of running a practice, saves time that can be spent with patients, and now allows a practice to take its entire schedule on the go. Software interfaces allow pMD to act as a mobile extension of an existing practice management or EMR system.


Reduce Costs and Improve Patient Care


Reducing the costs of medicine while improving the quality of patient care is now a national crusade. Many practices are adopting EMR systems, which can reduce the amount of paper that's needed and prevent costly mistakes. But charge capture software is another, faster, less expensive way to improve communication, eliminate superbills and charge slips, and lower a practice's administrative overhead. This liberates time that the physicians can spend with their patients instead of their paperwork.


A typical medical office burns through a significant amount of paper tracking patients and their encounters. This works well enough, but it has hidden costs in the forms of communication and administration time. With increasing pressures on providers' time, they want to reduce both the time they have to spend on the phone with their colleagues, staff, and billers; and the time that those staff and billers spend tracking down paper and reading handwriting. By eliminating these inefficiencies, providers regain some of their freedom to practice medicine, and practices have a financial foundation on which to build their other initiatives. According to Dr. Ian Meyer at Mt. Auburn Nephrology, "pMD has allowed us to track and bill our patients with incredible ease and efficiency cutting our turnaround time on billing from weeks to days while eliminating the need for further billing personnel."


Medical practices and hospitals are searching for a way to combat the decrease in reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance carriers. pMD's typical 10% ROI allows practices to absorb these changes without adding to the time they spend on administrativia. The software more than pays for itself and its other benefits, such as improved communication and quality of care. Tammy Bickimer, the head administrator for Nephrology Associates in Tennessee, reports that "Our doctors are fans, and have said that pMD is just as quick, if not quicker, than paper. [...] I have been doing these types of implementations for about 20 years, and this was the easiest implementation I have ever done."


Why pMD?


Only excellent software can deliver this kind of benefit. Because pMD focuses on creating intuitive and user-friendly software, and because it offers mobile charge capture for the BlackBerry and the iPhone, adoption reaches 100% within a practice; and this in turn makes the software even more useful for patient hand-off. For Dr. dos Remedios of Jackson Purchase Pulmonary, the difference is clear: "I had a different charge capture software previously, but pMD has sped up my charge capture and made it more efficient. Since I started using pMD, I have lost no charges. Instant and accurate transmission of charges to my biller allows them to be posted faster."


Why do practices that have used multiple competing products finally find the ROI that they're seeking with pMD? The software is streamlined and intuitive, so everyone in the practice uses it - even those who are typically technology-averse or strapped for time. Wireless push updates keep the providers' information current on the device, avoiding miscommunications and confusion, and saving time that would otherwise be spent trying to synchronize. Dr. Ronald Kotfila of Gastrointestinal Associates has found that "pMDSoft is quick and simple to use on a daily basis. It actually makes my rounding faster and more efficient. [...] When my office staff add a new patient to my list on their computer, the patient shows up on my iPhone screen in less than a minute!"


This always-connected mentality separates pMD from the competition, and makes it the perfect complement to your EMR.


A Mobile Extension for your EMR


The addition of outpatient appointments to pMD's iPhone software extends its reach beyond the hospital, nursing home, and dialysis clinic settings; it is nearly a mobile EMR. Providers can flip between the two sides of their practice - the inpatient census and outpatient appointments - with a single touch. This provides the missing piece for mobile physicians: a single coherent view of their patients' history, no matter where they were seen, accessible no matter where the physician is. The medical community's reaction to the new functionality has been very enthusiastic, with providers such as Dr. Gitomer of Alaska Kidney and Hypertension declaring, "I like the program so much I am now using it for my office visits. Highly recomme
May 14, 2009