"pMD is AWESOME! They always respond promptly on support. They clarify information needed, and immediately begin the process of resolving issues."
Jada Herring, Practice Manager, Navicent Health Physicians Group, Georgia
We heard you. You told us you love pMD's charge capture software, but you wanted a device that would make your life easier, not harder; simpler, not more complex. You want stable and well-engineered hardware - and so do we. That's why we've chosen the BlackBerry by Research in Motion as our next hardware partner.

This is a platform that was designed with health care professionals in mind. Its security and reliability are widely considered the best available, the devices' power and elegance are astonishing, and cutting-edge medical software such as Epocrates is increasingly making BlackBerry the focus of new development. You can install and synchronize BlackBerry software over-the-air, without coming near a desktop PC. And that's not all: they don't call it the CrackBerry for nothing! People love the BlackBerry so much, they don't want to stop using it. Our new mobile charge capture software should be the same way, so it's a natural fit.

Still not convinced? Maybe you want a device that fits in your pocket better than a PDA, like the slim BlackBerry Pearl - no problem, any BlackBerry device will run our new charge capture software. Maybe you want to talk on the phone while checking your email or using pMD - with a Bluetooth headset, the BlackBerry can handle it! (Think about it - CEOs and secret agents love the BlackBerry. Would James Bond delay an urgent message to take a call?) Okay, maybe you just want a device that will let you do your job whenever and wherever you are, and will bring a smile to your face at the same time.

We heard you, and believe us: BlackBerry is it.
October 12, 2007