"I’m so excited about using pMD to track environmental exposure clinical information! Before, we were planning on using a spreadsheet system to track this data, but with pMD we can eliminate a lot of unnecessary overhead and prevent having to task an individual with manually compiling the figures. I’m sure I’ll calling back soon to track additional data points soon!"
Dr. Amy Brown, Boston Children's Health Physicians, New York
pMD Developing Native Charge Capture App For Android
pMD will release a native mobile version of its charge capture application for Google's Android platform by the end of 2011.

The software company creates easy-to-use mobile applications for physicians to capture billing charges, manage patient information and communicate with each other.

They released the first native mobile charge capture apps for the iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry in previous years, and after the continued success of Android and demand from current customers, they started development for the new platform at the end of last year.

"We started evaluating Android in early 2010," pMD CEO Philippe d'Offay said. "It's challenging to build mobile applications that are user-friendly and intuitive on each Android device because there are over 100 with more coming out all of the time. Google recognized this and now allows developers to target selected devices with their apps."

"The Android operating system has been incredibly successful and people love it," d'Offay said. "We are excited to support it, and we feel like it will be our best release yet."

The company will be posting development updates with screenshots of the Android app to its Web site over the next few months.

August 12, 2011