“pMD makes the billing process so much easier than our previous process, which involved getting paper billing slips from the providers. Often, we wouldn’t be able to read what the slips said and would spend even more time getting second opinions. With pMD, I don’t have to worry about reading quickly scribbled note cards, and we get the charges in real time, so I can work from home instead of having to track down the physical cards. I love it!”
Sheena Rodriguez, Biller, Memorial Physicians, Washington
We've finished our programming work on the first fully-functional preview version of pMD 4.0, our new mobile software for the BlackBerry, slated for final release in January. We had an opportunity to get feedback on this release from a number of our customers, and what we heard is that we're on track to meet the high expectations that we set for ourselves when we begin the beta program on December 12. Everything seems to be coming together, and we continue to see excitement about our move to the BlackBerry — the doctors we talked to are eager to consolidate their cell phones, PDAs, and pagers into the single device that's taking the medical industry by storm. Due to greater interest in our beta program than we anticipated, we are no longer accepting additional beta customers, but watch this space for sneak preview screenshots of the beta version!
November 28, 2007