"With pMD tech support, I've gotten fast, helpful, friendly responses via three different channels (voice, text, and now email). Great support is a rarity, so management needs to understand how critical it is and how lucky they are".
Timothy Deagan, IT Support, Deagan's Violet Crown Therapy, Texas
Location, location, location, the old adage says it all. That is exactly why pMD recently moved its headquarters to New York City from Atlanta. Relocating to a city that is ahead of the curve on food, fashion and technology has definitely paid off. pMD has seen a 39% increase in customers since the 2006 move with 61% of their clients being in the New York area.

According to a 2005 American Medical Association statistic, the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut is composed of 87,000 doctors, roughly 10% of doctors nationwide. In addition to having some of the best and brightest doctors in the world, the area boosts MDs that are also technology savvy and tend to work more independently of HMOs. This allows individual doctors and smaller groups to make quicker decisions and adopt value-added technology for their practice much faster. With so many doctors in the tri-state area leading the rush to implement new and effective medical technologies, pMD is now right here to provide it to them.

Located conveniently in Long Island City, just across the East river from the United Nations, pMD is now close to four subway lines, two airports, the Long Island expressway and according to an unofficial office poll, some of the best pizza in town. Founder and CEO Philippe d’Offay expressed it this way, “Though we sometimes miss the big oak trees in Atlanta there is something to be said about the big ideas you can only find right here in NYC.”

Headquartered in New York City, pMD develops wireless applications that help physicians streamline and automate their entire practice from point-of-care through reimbursement. The company was started in 1999 to address mobile physicians' needs for an effective alternative to their paper-based method for recording patient encounter information. pMD’s automated charge capture solution adheres to the
December 31, 2006