"I like that you can do it all on the phone. I've never seen this possibility before and I find it really handy! It's also nice that I don't have to look up exact codes! pMD makes things easier and I'm happy it exists!"
Dr. Ann Szymanski, All Children's Hospital, Florida
pMD Mobile Charge Capture Software Now Available On Verizon iPhone
This month, Apple released the much anticipated Verizon Wireless iPhone, breaking the AT&T monopoly on the smartphone and giving pMD users more flexibility in choosing a device and cell phone carrier.

pMD creates easy-to-use mobile applications for doctors to capture medical billing charges, manage patient information and communicate with each other. The software company, which in 2008 released the first native charge capture app for the iPhone, is committed to providing an outstanding user experience.

Once the iPhone was released on Verizon, the pMD development team rigorously tested the mobile charge capture app to confirm that it worked on its new CDMA network as expected.

"Congratulations to Apple for creating a new version of the iPhone for a new network and network technology without having an impact on existing applications," said pMD CEO, Philippe d'Offay. "It's a testament to their obsession with usability."

Verizon and its iPhone operate on a CDMA network, while the previously released AT&T iPhones operate on a GSM network. The technologies differ in how they transmit data, which has some effects on the end user. GSM technology can support 3G data usage and phone calls simultaneously, while CDMA can only support one at any given time. So someone browsing the Internet on a CDMA device could lose their search if they answered an incoming call.

Unlike most other iPhone apps, which are web-based, pMD has full offline functionality and is not impacted by phone calls. The pMD application works identically on Verizon's CDMA and AT&T's GSM networks because it is a native application running on the device rather than the Internet. So doctors entering their patient billing charges can still answer their important calls while they are using pMD, and when they hang up, they will be exactly where they left off with their billing.

February 25, 2011