"I love pMD! It's a great program. We use it to communicate with each other as well as with our residents about patients, and everyone we've talked with has been really receptive to using it. We also do our billing and really enjoy using that part of the software as well."
Dr. Bruce Wall, Dallas Nephrology Associates, Texas
Raising The Bar: Creating A Visit On Android
We've announced that we'll add Android phones to our list of mobile charge capture devices this year, so we don't have to hide our work anymore. We're excited to show you what it looks like and how we've continued to improve pMD on this new platform.

Anyone writing an app for Android has a lot of freedom in how they build the software. Google doesn't provide many guidelines, so each software company must invent a design that will be fast and easy to use. We decided to treat that challenge as an opportunity.

We've taken the pMD "Create New Visit" screen, which has been refined and improved over more than a decade on different devices, and we re-imagined it for Android. This is where providers spend most of their time in pMD, so we wanted to combine the clarity of the iPhone with the compactness of the BlackBerry.

This easy-to-use layout conceals a lot of power. For example, we revisited our already best-in-class diagnosis search to make it even faster. A provider using pMD doesn't have to know whether it's called "dislocated hip" or "hip dislocation" — as soon as they start typing these words, in any order, pMD finds the applicable codes.

The only way to achieve 100 percent adoption of mobile charge capture within an organization is to make it fast and easy to use. These are always our goals, and with Android we're taking the opportunity to raise the bar higher.

Keep checking our Web site for more Android updates in the weeks to come!

August 29, 2011