"pMD has been an amazing tool for our office. It’s simple to use and questions that arise are handled expeditiously. Our charge workflow is so much simpler than it was when we used cards! The HIPAA compliant messaging makes communicating with the physicians easy."
Leah Dunaway, CPC, Heart Center of North Texas
Take a look at that census: it's familiar; it's comfortable. If you've used pMD before, then you already know how to use it. And even if you haven't, carrying an iPhone for a day or two will tell you everything you need to know. That's because we followed Apple's conventions and standards when we designed pMD for the iPhone, so it "just works" like you'd expect.


At the same time, you can see that we've carried forward our successes from the BlackBerry platform. In some cases we've taken them even further: not only do you have access to a preview of each patient's clinical note, but you can see it at a glance as you flick through your patients. And we upload your charges and pull down patient updates steadily in the background while you're using pMD, to give you the latest information while you're on the go.


These features are great, but what makes our software incredible is what you don't see: tedious nested menus, cluttered control panels, and sluggish user interface are, as always, nowhere to be found. You also won't see the Safari Web browser in this screen shot, because pMD for the iPhone is not a Web site - it's a native application that's fully usable even when you're in an elevator or a lead-lined room.


After all that, it's hardly surprising how much interest we've received in the upcoming beta release of this version. Are we still allowed to call it a beta if we get more doctors calling and emailing every day, asking how soon they can try it? It's a testament to the popularity of the platform and the amount of excitement that Apple has generated in the medical community, and as always, we're right there with you on the cutting edge.
September 26, 2008