"We use pMD everyday and we love it! Very good platform. I am a huge fan of this."
Laura Sanchez, Clinical Assistant and Scribe, Maryland Oncology Hematology
We heard you: you want a census that puts all the information at your fingertips and helps you find the patient you're looking for. We've been working hard to put more usability than ever in the palm of your hand, and as you can see in this sneak preview, our mobile software has come a long way. Read on for a whirlwind tour of the main screen of pMD's new charge capture software for the BlackBerry!

As in our Palm software, the familiar patient list is front and center. The census is where you live - your patients are at the heart of your practice. In our BlackBerry software, everything you do comes from the census, and everything returns to it, so you never feel lost or confused. Your census is organized the way you want to see it - you have the choice to sort your patients by location or by name.

Thanks to the four-directional trackwheel, scrolling in the BlackBerry is incredibly fast - but even that's not easy enough. If you have a patient in mind, you can just type the patient's name to search with instant results! In addition, you can filter your census for the most relevant possible view, showing only the patients at a particular location (as in the screenshot) or assigned to a particular doctor.

Finally, the new census puts even more information within your reach than ever before. In addition to the patient's location and room, last visit date, and the initials of the rounding physician, you can now preview the patient's note without leaving the census! Just a flick of the trackwheel reveals the first line of the note, so the most critical information is right in front of you (as it is for Kermit in the screenshot).

December 14, 2007