"pMD support, everyone I work with, always has a prompt response and is willing to help! It’s like having a breath of fresh air, knowing they're on the other end of the email!"
Kristy Mahone, Hughston Clinic - Trauma, Georgia
Something New Is Coming!
Since our BlackBerry app was released at the beginning of 2008, pMD has steadily added to its mobile offerings: the iPhone at the end of 2008, the iPad in 2010 and now another game-changer in 2011. We don't want to give anything away yet, but we know this new platform will be a hit because we've heard so many requests for it — from single-doctor practices to academic hospitals. It's grown phenomenally fast to become the biggest smartphone platform there is.

It's hard to believe how much the mobile industry has changed since 2008 when our BlackBerry app debuted. Your expectations have increased for what mobile apps can do and how effortlessly they should do it. We agree — it's a given for us that mobile software should work seamlessly offline, should be intuitive and fast to use and should exchange data automatically, silently, in the background. That's our foundation, and that's what we have delivered with each new app since 2008. You can look forward to the same great experience in our 2011 release.

This is a platform that will take us far once the foundation is in place. It promises the best features of BlackBerry and iPhone, plus something uniquely its own. We can't wait to tell you more about it — watch this space in the weeks to come!


July 15, 2011