"I’m so excited about using pMD to track environmental exposure clinical information! Before, we were planning on using a spreadsheet system to track this data, but with pMD we can eliminate a lot of unnecessary overhead and prevent having to task an individual with manually compiling the figures. I’m sure I’ll calling back soon to track additional data points soon!"
Dr. Amy Brown, Boston Children's Health Physicians, New York
Medical Software for Providers: Something New On Its Way
We heard you. You told us you were tired of medical software that's confusing, slow, and hard to use. You said you want tools that will help you practice medicine, not get in your way. You want the information you need at your fingertips, not buried out of sight. You don't want to spend time fussing with the technology, and you want charge capture to be effortless and automatic. In short, you want a system better than anything you've used before.

We heard you, and we're almost ready to give you what you've been asking for. Our customers have told us that our software is the most intuitive on the market, but we thought we could do even better. We're all sick of complicated programs with bad user interfaces, so we put our proven philosophy of simplicity and innovation to work, and we think it will take your breath away.

You'll see clean, beautiful, information-packed views inspired by user interface innovators such as Apple, Google, and BlackBerry. Your data will efficiently and automatically be kept up-to-date over the air, but you'll still have 100% functionality when you're offline or outside of coverage. And you'll love our new hardware partner, a platform with proven reliability, world-famous usability, and impenetrable security. This software will make your colleagues jealous.

Coming soon - watch this space for updates and sneak peeks!
October 4, 2007