“I haven’t had to do billing for patients in the past, but the pMD app is really straightforward and easy to use, so I feel very good about using it for my rounding.”
Emily Widelock, Physician Assistant, Hughston Clinic, Georgia
You may not be surprised that we're working on a version of pMD for the iPhone, if you're familiar with how we do things.


Of course, you can use pMD on an iPhone right now, thanks to the full functionality of our Web site. But even that isn't good enough: we're "going native," creating an application that's specifically optimized to run on your iPhone whether or not you have a data signal. To us, that's what it means for charge capture to be mobile: it's lightning-fast and it works anywhere, even in a lead-lined room.


We embrace new devices and technologies before our competitors, and the iPhone is clearly the next big mobile platform, bringing the benefits of smartphones beyond the business world. Its adoption rate has been staggering, and its customer satisfaction is stratospheric. Perhaps most importantly, this is the first time our customers have come to us in droves asking for a specific platform. As always, we've listened well.


And we're acting quickly: the Apple App Store opened its doors in June, and we're on track to become its first charge capture application. We still have some work to do before it's ready for beta testing, but already pMD for the iPhone is impressing us with its beautiful, crisp looks and svelte, intuitive user experience.


We know your expectations are high - that's why you're here. Even so, we think you'll be impressed.
September 12, 2008